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Success Stories


(After only 7 visits in care)

My Overall wellbeing has been drastically affected! I'm more relaxed, I sleep better, my general feelings have improved- physically, emotionally, spiritually- I am thrilled with my results! 

Thank you Dr. Rose !!


For me, the new year not only represents a new beginning but also a time to reflect on experiences from the past year. The one experience that stands out the most is my discovery of Dr. Mulligan. In my search for relief from a car accident a few months before, I had been working with several health practitioners with not much lasting success. Under Dr. Mulligan’s care , my overall health has improved - and not just the physical damages I incurred from the accident. I am grateful and look forward to a much stronger, healthier and pain free new year!! I cannot express the amount of gratitude I feel for being under Dr. Mulligan’s care. I not only consider you, Dr. Mulligan, my health practitioner, but also a caring, dear and true friend. Most Respectfully, Terry P


I am very lucky to live, work, and travel full time in an RV. Because of that, I get to visit Network doctors all over the country. And when my travels bring me back to Austin, there are a few people I look forward to re-connecting with more than Dr. Rose. The results I get with her are just unlike any other doc that has entrained me, and she is without a doubt THE BEST network doc I have visited.


Everyday we have tasks, sometimes they are stressful and may seem a bit overwhelming. I've found after coming for weekly NSA entrainments and incorporating SRI in my daily routine those tasks aren't so challenging. The discomfort in my neck is relieved and I find that I stay calm and focused durning those times that aren't so smooth. And, after my nutritional consult with Dr. Rose the stomach problems that I thought were hereditary, were due to my diet that I developed from my family and I don't suffer from digestive issues anymore of course after a few subtle changes. Well worth it . . . no more Pepto for me! I've found value to living a happy healthy life always, thanks Dr. Rose a wellness doctor that is patient and truly cares.


My experience of Network Chiropractic Care is that, it gently, lovingly, safely invites me into unknown places of beauty & power in myself which I had shut myself off to long ago. When I am on the table breathing, surrendering, relaxing I feel held in this safe container where I can unpeel the thick skin & expose the vulnerability. Within that vulnerability I am held so safely to the point where I find my own safety within me while I move & breathe. This form of of chrio has given me my life back because it reconnects me to my heart, joy, excitement, creativity, play. It is a HUGE Gift you give yourself. I am worth it! Yay! Thank you! 


For years now I have been exhausted, unable to focus, unmotivated, and afraid of taking risks. I blamed it on "Mommy Brain" for a while. Then when my daughter turned 4 and I didn't get any sharper, I started to wonder if there was more to it. I tried being really good about taking my supplements and made sure to eat really well, but noticed little to no difference. Then this past May I was blessed to meet Dr. Rose Ann Mulligan at the Body Mind and Spirit Expo. She was giving free body scans and consultations. After seeing and learning about the results from my scan, I decided to give Network Chiropractic a try. I felt an immediate shift in myself after my first session with Dr. Mulligan. I felt more at peace and at home in my skin. My mind also felt much clearer and I had energy.

The day after my first session I received an email about an audition coming up, as I often do. This time, without even thinking, and before I had a chance to come up with 100 excuses of why I couldn't, I replied "I would love to audition for your show". There was absolutely no fear there. I actually showed up to the audition and was later told that I owned that audition! I was cast as one of the lead roles as a dancer and actress.

During a rehearsal a week before the show was to open, I injured myself. I woke up in the middle of the night to the room spinning. I was terrified that something was very wrong with me, and that I would not get to be in the performance. I went to see Dr. Mulligan the next day and felt a lot less dizzy and a lot more hopeful. She had me come again the next morning and taught me some breathing exercises from the Somato Respiratory Integration technique. The dizziness completely went away. I was able to perform full out and did not have the injury reoccur.

I am so thankful to have Dr. Mulligan in my life. I feel so much more alive, clear, and motivated. I look so forward to my sessions at Healing Care of Austin. It is 30 minutes where I get to relax, meditate, heal, and focus on myself. I truly believe in Network Chiropractic, it makes so much sense to me and it really works. Dr. Mulligan is extremely intuitive and is a very powerful healer. I tell everyone I know to try a session with her. I know they too will see results.


I would like to share my story with everyone interested in healing their body and spirit. When I first met Rose Anne Mulligan, I could hardly walk I was in so much pain, but this wasn't the beginning of my problems. I had been in debilitating pain for about 3 years, and my spine was pretty severely disformed. I had gone to every healer I could find, and while I feel that each one of them helped a little, I would feel so much worse before feeling a bit better, and then ultimately be back where I started. My pain was consuming me and I felt all that was left was a broken heart and body.

Then Rose Anne worked on me...her energy so amazing...I could instantly feel myself responding to the treatment. The next day I woke up expecting the pain, but it was completely gone. I have been going for a few months now, and my body that was so contorted that I could not even stand on both of my legs completely, is now looking like it did back when I was in college. It is amazing! I have had three babies and the third was very big, and now it really is going back to where it was before I had children.

I have already recommended Rose Anne to many people. If you are in pain please try Dr. Mulligan and this amazing form of chiropractic care. She really is a very powerful healer.

With my sincerest wishes and warmest blessings, Judibeth


“I hope everyone suffering from TMJ discovers the healing power of Dr. Rose Anne Mulligan.” – Laura R.

Testimonial (May 29, 2012)

“For years, I have been suffering from TMJ.  I have tried several doctors and techniques to alleviate the pain.  After just one entrainment session with Dr. Rose Anne Mulligan, my pain subsided substantially.  I decided to keep going back for more entrainments.  My TMJ condition kept getting better and the pain dissipated. Today, my jaw feels aligned.  I am able to chew food and move my jaw without suffering.   I am so relieved that I did not have to get TMJ surgery.   I keep going back to Dr. Mulligan for nutritional counseling and entrainments.  I have told several of my friends and doctors about her.  I am amazed that so many doctors and practitioners in the medical field are not aware of this amazing technique.”



I would like to take a moment to say Thank you Dr. Rose. Through the benefit of receiving Network Care, I was able to make positive changes in my life that create permanent and exciting life long results. Two added benefits followed. SRI has given me insights into the building blocks of who I am, thereby altering my perspective which has had a significant impact on my notions of stress as well as happiness. Since I am still in the beginning stages I’m sure there is more to come.  With Dr. Rose's plan and guidance using Standard Process Cleanse, I lost 25 lbs. It's been over a year and a half I have been able to sustain my ideal weight and improve my diet and health. AND, I no longer suffer from the allergies that once kept me indoors, which is an absolute thrill.  
Thanks again for sharing your gifts and talents.
With more people being under your care Dr. Rose, the world will be a better place. 


My name is Connor and I am 16 years old. I began going to Dr. Mulligan 6 months ago when I had soreness in my neck. I play competitive soccer so my body gets worked a lot and I always want to be healthy and feel good. After regular visits with Dr. Mulligan, I notice when I am not breathing correctly and I notice when my body feels off. I notice now when my body needs an adjustment to keep on track. I am aware of how energy moves through my body. I love going to Dr. Mulligan. I go twice a week. Her adjustments help me in many ways. I recover from injury easily, I can breathe more freely, and I am more health conscious about what I eat. Eating well is very important in keeping healthy and Dr. Mulligan provides me with good nutritional vitamins, too. In the past 6 months, I have seen great changes in my body and overall health and an improvement in my soccer performance. I am very happy with the results. I definitely recommend going to Dr. Mulligan and becoming more aware of your body’s health.


The luckiest thing I've had happen in recent memory was discovering Healing Care of Austin and Dr. Mulligan. The smartest thing has been to listen to Dr Mulligan's recommendations, visit regularly for entrainments, and take the nutritional supplements.

The funny thing is, I felt I was OK in the beginning. Sure, I'd gained some weight around the middle, I had some minor physical ailments (leg cramping most notably), my sex life was wobbly and I wasn't sleeping super well. I attributed all this to the fact that I was trying to run two businesses and had my mind on many things. However, the depth of relaxation after my first entrainment really showed me just how far I had migrated over the years. Clearly I wasn't as healthy as I thought. Later, Dr Mulligan read my questionaire, did some tests, and discovered a few physical traits that suggested that I had andropause. Call it the male change or "Low T" or whatever one sees in the media, this is a very big deal.

On the surface, the Male Change not an easy conversation to have with anyone. Conventional medical wisdom doesn't paint a rosy picture. While it appears I may have acquired this malady through life decisions I've made, Dr Mulligan's approach and attitude gave me the tools and understanding to make better choices and probably even reverse the trend. Now two months into the supplements and some life style adjustments, I appear to have "the change" on the run, without using controversial hormone therapy.Couple this with significant life events over a very short four weeks which included a long term relationship breakup, a rapid relocation to Austin for me, my son, as well as my business, and lastly the death of my cherished dog way before her time, I really don't know how I would have made it through sanely without Healing Care of Austin, and Network Spinal Analysis. The Network entrainments seemed to put a distance between what was happening around me, and my state of mind. With the entrainments, I wasn't impacted by these events so powerfully or painfully. I was able to make decisions from a place of balance and strength.

Dr Mulligan has turned out to be a trusted health ally, and a good friend to me and my son. Thank you, Dr Mulligan, for clicking on the light, and for giving me the tools and methods to help me live at my best.


As a dancer for the last thirty years, my body has undergone many transitions, both external and as I now know internal beyond my imagination. After being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2004 and living with the restrictive diet and medications prescribed for treatment, I still faced the threat of losing my colon. Pain had always been an element of dance that I was trained to ignore and my condition was severe. Then I met Dr. Rose Anne Mulligan at the Balance Expo here in Austin a few weeks ago- a relationship that has changed my life. Not only has Dr. Mulligan gently guided my body to start to find its own way, she also asked numerous questions regarding my body's symptomatic life from day-to-day. Never had any Western doctor asked any of these questions before treatment.I started a weekly schedule of visits, a food supplement regimen for my digestive system and upon completion of this initial phase, a complete liver cleanse. In a happy nutshell, my body seems to be finding its own intelligent center. No longer suffering terrible pain, night sweats, headaches, weight loss, diarrhea or the "stage fright" that had developed over the last few years in relationship to the pain that had me drinking a glass of wine or taking Xanax to make it through a show. Pain free and medication free is my goal. One down-one soon! Thank you, Dr. Mulligan.


I am a 58 yr. old Energy Healer from Ecuador who works also as a House Manager/Nanny. One day, while waiting in Dr. Mulligan’s office for a friend who was getting Network Chiropractic treatment, I noticed a display of Standard Process products including a Purification Program. This caught my attention as I have done several detoxification programs and I am always ready to try new ones. This program claimed that significant weight loss was an additional benefit of the detoxification program.

            In the past I had favored a raw food diet, but at the particular time that I was in Dr. Mulligan’s office, I was not eating properly. I was 10lbs above my ideal weight, and was simply not feeling my best, so I decided to go on the detoxification program offered by Dr. Mulligan.

            I started the program by eating exclusively what the program advised, that is, salads, fruits and the Standard Process supplementation of vegetable protein and fiber. Within a couple of days I began to shed pounds and fat around my waist , but most important, I felt so full of energy, my mind was so very clear that I did not want to add any of the other animal derivative foods suggested by the program, and I remained a vegetarian ever since. By the time that I finished the cleansing I had lost 11pounds, and had completely eliminated all animal products and sugar from my diet without ever craving any of them!

            I am grateful to Dr. Mulligan for making this cleansing available to me, and for her wonderful support throughout the process!

Teresa B.